Clinical Attachment

To meet the high demand of international doctors who approach us for clinical observership, Postgraduate Diabetes Education at Cardiff University is pleased to be able to offer a Clinical Attachment Scheme for 1 to 6 month duration for doctors currently studying for the Diploma in Diabetes or graduates of our programme.

Linked to the Welsh Endocrine and Diabetes Society (WEDS), the scheme provides valuable clinical experience in diabetes to visiting doctors in hospitals in Wales. The scheme, which is co-ordinated from the diploma office, allows doctors “observer only” status and organises centralised specialist exposure to include bariatric surgery, cystic fibrosis, renal transplantation, retinal screening, primary care visits, as well as pancreas transplantation and lipid plasmapheresis clinics.

The attachments are primarily educational and experiential. Current and past students of our diploma are eligible to apply.

For further information to include the fee structure please contact Kate Eyre:

I am Dr. Audette Abdalla practicing as a General practitioner in Dubai with post graduate diploma in diabetes from Cardiff University. I was offered to do clinical attachment at Cardiff University where I was warmly welcomed by the professional team. During my month long stay, together with the diabetic team, we faced a wide variety of interesting cases where I was introduced in the latest techniques in treating both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients including insulin pump and pancreas transplant. This experience helped me reinforce my practical knowledge and gave me the confidence to practice at a world class level.

I would highly recommend clinical attachment at Cardiff University for anyone striving for professional improvement.

Dr Audette Abdalla GP


School of Medicine